Star Defender - Can you repel the rebellion?

Hello guys! I’m here with my take on Realm Rush.

More details on how I created it, why I created it this way, deep dive into the game design and coding soon™.

Play it here:


Wow, this looks really polished! A neat twist on the Tower Defense formula. Very impressive, thank you for sharing.

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I kept looking back at one of your posts with the animated gif while I was trying to figure out how to make my enemies turn smoothly around corners instead of moving ‘tron style’ since you found a creative way to do something similar. I ended up using spline curves for mine, but I drew inspiration from your post to finally stop procrastinating and add the smooth turning to my game.

But I missed the post with your actual game in it. I like the ‘lego’ type style. All the elements fit together well, and the animations are nice and smooth.

The way the generators work make it a puzzle game as much as a tower defense. I could imagine that mechanism extended to a bunch of different ‘puzzle’ type elements. It ended up being a bit too hard for me, but I’m not very good at this type of game.

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I’m really glad to hear my posts helped you get inspired, it really means a lot, that’s why I keep posting these sorts of things.

Yeah, I tried to make it more strategic and kinda “puzzly”, as you said, I’m not entirely comfortable with the end result.

Thanks for giving it a go.

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