Star Crusaders - MVP


The project I am working on right now is a pretty simple top down arcade style space shooter. I had the idea for it way back when I was working on Laser Defender in the original Unity Developer course and originally meant to use the Kenny assets. But wouldn’t you know I procrastinated about doing it so hard I have since got caught up with the second Complete Unity Developer course? And because I am such a smart person I decided to make in 3d instead of 2d because obviously, it couldn’t possibly be any harder… right? (But dang it Ebal Studios assets look so good and are so affordable, how can I say no!!!)

My MVP for the project was originally more ambitious but upon watching this lecture I realize I could probably slice down three more rings from my onion design chart and really cut back content. So I think for now my MVP is simply going to be:

The Player can move their ship can fly through a level and shoot at enemies which also fly through the level and attempt to shoot back. The player should be able to tell the status of their health and shields at all times and a score should be awarded for enemy kills. Enemies should spawn indefinitely and the player should be able to recover lost health.

I think that right there if nothing else was added would be a short and fun little retro style game that could stand still stand on it’s own without adding any of the other systems I’ve planned for.


Cool, thanks for sharing this, the best of luck creating your MVP!


Awesome, thanks for sharing. Very happy that you’re digging the Ebal assets!