Stand Alone Build Iusses

I am trying to build a stand alone for Pc,Mac,Linc for my Laser Defender game. When I test the game from with in the editor everything looks great!
Screen Res is 800 x 600,

But when I build and run it, it shows in full screen even when I set the Res in the player settings to 800 x 600, I have tested my Block Breaker game and it works fine builds out to the right Res,
So when i run the Laser Defender game my enemy ships are moving to far to the right where the player can’t reach them.

Has anyone had this issue?

The Start scene showing it as full screen.
The enemies to far to the right and you can see my score and lives are off as well.

This shows it looks fine when running in the editor.

This is a screenshot of my player settings

When the game launcher appears, where you can reset screen size and player inputs, have you tried clicking “Windowed Mode”?

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Okay, I see how it works now :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

If I set the settings after building it then turn off the options for the player to change the settings before starting the game it stay the same as the settings. Thanks @Rob!

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All fixed now?

Yes sir!

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Awesome, well done :slight_smile:

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