Stained glass windows!

I think this scene s pretty much done unless I can figure out how to tweak the lighting coming from the stained glass?



Looking very good. Looks a lot more complete then when I saw on Facebook. What effect do you want the stained glass to have

I want light rays to pass though and the light to pickup the color of the glass

I haven’t tried it but I think you need volumetric material in the air for that. I wanted to do a chruch scene too for the purposes of trying it out.

Lecture 212. Creating a New Scene In Blender details volumetric lighting :slight_smile:


I’m on 198! I wasn’t sure if you were going to do it. But I noticed you have sunlight coming in yours, I was hoping to make it look like light was coming through the glass. I want an effect like this

and maybe like this

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What shaders did you use for your glass? I assume it was the Glass shader?

Try changing it to the transparent shader. You can mix in the windows themselves afterwards. It appears that glass is opaque to light beams in blender.

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Yes I used a glass shader with noise to create the glass effect.

I made my windows an emission shader- otherwise it takes up too much rending time for it to be non noisy! Downside is you cannot see through my windows, but nothing a mix node wouldn’t help with :slight_smile:

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I tried this quite quickly you can see the node setup in the picture. Sorry I didn’t ge arround to this before now. Also the sampling.

@Michael_Bridges I’d love to get a chance to mess around with your church. Do you publish your blend files for the course? (not I’m still only on fluffy bunny)


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