Stagger and Oscillate Validation

The following logic:

if (oscillate) { stagger = true; }
if (!oscillate) { stagger = false; }

Ensures that oscillate and stagger are always the same, which is not necessarily the logic we want.
I think we want it so we can’t enable oscillate unless stagger is true. So then it should be:

if (!stagger) { oscillate = false; }

Am I thinking about this correctly?

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I think that you would just want

if (oscillate) {stagger = true}

which is just the inverse of what you wrote…I believe you are correct

You cannot oscillate without a stagger so it makes sense that if oscillate is ticked you would auto tick stagger, but you can stagger technically without wanting to switch bullet start/end angles between bursts.

if(!stagger) {ossillate=false;}

is all that’s needed. If stagger is false, even attemping to check oscillate will fail.
You could go a step further in the validation and automatically turn off stagger if the number of bullets per cycle is 1.

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