Stabby Jeff Joins the Chat

He’s here and ready to har- help you. Help you. Definitely help you.

With his idle sword holding pose ways.

That’s help in those eyes. Just come here a sec.


Hahaha, nice! I’m not sure I’d like to be there for Jeff’s… eh… helping stabbing xD

A random thought - If you moved Jeff all the way to the left or right side in the image, you could zoom in to make him larger and show off the pose better. Then just have the flavour text next to him instead of above him :slight_smile:

Good work on posing Jeff! :smiley:

… though I might question the sanity in giving him pointy objects… <.<



Haha. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll do something more close up for the next lesson, but I was just going to render him for this one and when I hit F12 the text was still there from my last post. I decided to just run with it. :slight_smile:

Only a couple more lessons left until I’m done. Then, according to this old book I found, Jeff is “released from the spell which bound him to this tutorial.” Whatever that means! Haha weird.

Ahhhh well. I’m sure it’s fine…

But seriously here’s a better image:


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