SSS Try, Like How its coming along

let me know what you all think, advice is welcome


You can detect the middle of the mirror modifier (can be a lighting - texture (shiny) problem - looks plastic).
Maybe tweak the mesh a little to make it less visible.
But besides that, I find it a very good (believable) model!
Good proportions. :+1: but I miss nostrils.

Coming along.

Apart from what FedPete mentioned, the eye lids, flesh, around the eyes has gaping holes. This might be both too small eyeballs and the position of the flesh over them.

Also you posted in ‘talk’ rather than ‘show’.

this was after correcting with the layer weight node in the next lecture

opps i musta clicked on talk by accident , but i havent gotten to the nostrils yet thinking about how to go about that, also havent gotten much done with the chin yet and the eyes are placeholders

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