SRW S06 Practice Collection

Sketch layout and notes for the Rabbit.

Rabbit Scene Notes:

  • Bun looking right
  • Thistle
  • Bun in bottom 1/2 of screen
  • 30 deg angle view?
  • See bun butt
  • Sniff or chew on thistle
  • Handful of thistles out of focus in background (adjust camera lens?)
  • Field grasses abound
  • Vine or stick or trunk behind bun


May have gone overboard on the metaballs here… will revisit if necessary.

Mesh with reference photo

Bun with fat middle deflated, pieces more defined, and of course ears and eyes added.

Fur added. Eyes remade in UV Spheres and kept separate to prevent fuzzy eye. Can’t wait to fix those mangy ears.

Initial Grooming. Looking at it, I may need to squish in the snout a smidge to be more accurate.

Progress. Snout shifted and ear hair much thinned as the bun is split into multiple particle systems.

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