Squiggles error in h file : #include "WorldPositon.generated.h"

I followed the instructions and created a new WorlPosition component . a cpp and h files were automatically generated as expected .

YET I get a Squiggles error on the line:

#include “WorldPositon.generated.h”
What have i done wrong?

see image:

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Have you followed the VS Code 4.25 bug lecture?

I 'm aware of the VS Code 4.25 bug lecture.
I did not followed the instructions there. Intellissence works just fine. In fact I made no changes anywhere.
THE PROBLEM HAS DISAPPEARED BY ITSELF everything works fine now.


Same here dissapered and dissapered again.
“resource”: “/D:/Unreal Programs/BuildingEscape/Source/BuildingEscape/WorldPosition.h”,
“owner”: “C/C++”,
“code”: “1696”,
“severity”: 8,
“message”: “#include errors detected. Please update your includePath. Squiggles are disabled for this translation unit (D:\Unreal Programs\BuildingEscape\Source\BuildingEscape\WorldPosition.cpp).”,
“source”: “C/C++”,
“startLineNumber”: 7,
“startColumn”: 1,
“endLineNumber”: 7,
“endColumn”: 37

File is there
BUG lecture allso done and changed

It is fixed now

This worked for me, hopefully for someone else as well -
Close VS.
In UE4: File-Refresh Visual Studio Project
Reopen VS.

This fixed the squiggly lines I was getting and also fixed the crashing I was getting after adding the #include “GameFramework/Actor.h” file