This is the first duck I made so far.

I actually winged it and did not prepare any backups at all. By backups, I mean copies of the legs and the body that can be replaced with the original.
Here’s the second duck I made so far. (And yes, I made backups this time.)

This time I made sure I really knew what I was doing. However, this happened.

As I zoom in, some of the faces turn into this. Is this a problem? If it is, please tell me how to fix it in steps like 123.
p.s. I just finished the course a few weeks ago. So, please help me.

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I think your duck head is duplicated.

The red cylinder, is it red material or inverted normals?

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It’s a material and I am trying to add arms. It’s not a duplication. And I just figured out that it was the mirror modifier that was doing the spots after X-ing it. Very strange. Does the mirror do this sometimes?

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You’re meant to delete half the mesh before using the mirror modifier. You have the mirror modifier on an object with both sides of the mesh so it’s mirroring both sides…
Maybe you applied the mirror and then added another one on accident, I don’t know.


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