Spooky Lab Corridor

Any suggestions on how to improve this scene?


Maybe crank up the Ambient occlusion?

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I don’t know how to increase that effect in cycles.

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You could improve the composition. What is the story you want to tell …

  • What needs to be the center of attention?
  • Left side nothing to see/do, the right side a lot of attention (green light)
  • add to some parts of the scene more details (light armatures)
  • Floor tiles
  • Smooth sharp corners

I think the hand in the door is the most important part, but difficult to see because the attention goes to the sign in the middle of the image.


Is this better?

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Yes, I think so. Attention lies in the center.
The Left and right sides have some of the same visual equality.

The camera’s height could be higher … head/eyes of the viewer?
Using a higher view, you can make it spookier, like in a security camera with a slightly tilted angle. Maybe the door light needs to be red (like room occupied?)

Great progress!

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This is what I have now. Way better than my first render. Thank you so much for the feedback/guidance.

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Very X-Files!

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Nice. You could add a Dutch angle to it (tilt the camera a bit left or right).

For the atmosphere, add a Vignette effect, to guide the viewers eyes to the center. Make the walls darker. Add some film grain. Most of it would be done in composition.

Had a go on it :smiley:

Maybe add something where the walls meet the floor. It looks too clean.

I love the idea of the test lab.


I used panoramic lens I just found. Looks much nicer now thanks to your feedback :smiley:


Nice. I like the new details on the wall, by adding a floor Moulding.

@Alii I like this channel to learn about framing, color, animation, cinematics.

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Very nice modern building environment scene.
Spooky hand too.

Perhaps something more in the corridor space just to look a bit busier.

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