Spooky Corridor

The light above the door makes everything look a little bit less like wallpaper… It’s all very smooth even when it is less shiny, but still great effect of colours and light.


Scary! I do not want to go down that corridor.

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Fancy door, now for the barrels!

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Ok, here are the barrels… this could turn into a game of ‘spot the differences’ if the differences were more subtle that three whopping great barrels.


I like the look of the light above the door.

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That was yesterday. When I opened it up today, everything is pink, vibrant pink. It gives a very different feel, hahahahaha!

I had that issue with this module for some reason, you have to rebind all your materials.

It might be because I renamed the material file names. It happened early on in the module for me.

OK thanks. I do get the feeling that if I change anything - for instance, in one of my many redos, I did most everything out of order, remembered to name things after doing all the addings and tweakings, and ran into a bunch of problems - it does make a difference. I also realised that I was using blender 3.0.1, so I downloaded 3.1 today. No idea if that will make any difference. This is the best computer game ever! Great adventure. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yes that pink means Blender can not find the files where they last were. If you move them or rename them Blender does not know.

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That makes perfect sense. However, the reason why the whole thing turned pink overnight is still a mystery because I rendered, saved and left blender. When I did all of that before quitting, everything was ‘normal’. Why would the files just become ‘invisible’ or unrecognisable when I quit? The quitting seems to have been the problem or the clicking on the file when going back in. Is there a way of finding out where the disconnect is? because it all looks the same as the day before, well to me anyway. Could originally making the whole thing in blender 3.0.1 and then updating to 3.1 before opening it again be the reason? Not sure that was the sequence of events, but if it was, could that be a reason?

I’d start by looking at what texture images are referenced in the shader definitions for the pink objects. Then check that those images are still in the same place that they were when you created the shaders.

Ps. You mentioned the “wallpaper” nature of some of the textures. I don’t think Grant has covered it yet, but adding normal and roughness textures to the shader definitions changes how light is reflected and alleviates that problem. I’m sure he’ll cover it at some point.

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OK thanks, I can do that - as I respond to your comment, it occurs to me that I did do some organising yesterday. I think you have solved the problem.

And the wallpaper nature of the textures has been addressed because, as you say, Grant has covered it - hey, isn’t that a pun? hahaha!


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