Spitfire Animation

So this is probably the first animation I have done which is not directly from a video, but rather, I use techniques that I’ve learned from many videos.

And I would like to thank all the people who where involved in the making of this course, so Thank You mates!!!

Here’s the video :


Good little clip.
What is a ‘short’ to YouTube and why does it matter?

A short is basically TikTok on YouTube, short videos that you can scroll through.

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Great animation,however even if your video is less than 60 seconds it doesn’t have to be a short, when building the video to YouTube you select create video rather than create short.

Also I think it’s better to do it as a short because your more likely to get more views if that’s what your striving for.

Edit: yes I see how late I am, but both people I replied to have been active in the last day

Hey guys! Thanks for the replies. The reason I put that at the end of the video was because I’m not a huge fan of short form content, and also it didn’t let me set it as a video (or I didn’t notice that option being there).

Oh my, I was really late to reply…

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