Spitfire and a Volkswagon Like Car

My First attempt at making a car. I chose not to UV Map this because I need to practice unwrapping more simple objects? Or maybe I’ll come back and try and UV Map this later. Really rough car, but I think it was good practice nontheless.

And here is the spitfire I made while following the course. Honestly, UV Mapping with the image provided was a bit rough. I want to learn more about UV Mapping, but I don’t know how often a simple image is used rather than some kind of texture map pre-prepared for the model. Regardless, this section did increase my knowledge of UV Mapping. Will work on the animation part later this week.


Good models.
The method used is a good make do, otherwise such a pattern would need extensive hand painting. UV mapping and use can be very time consuming and this was just an introduction to the basic principles I guess.

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