Sphere and Treasure Chest

These are the two projects from this lecture.


great job :slight_smile:

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Hey Richard! Looking good so far. I especially like the detail you’ve done for the wood. One thing I will say though piece is that the line thickness is too thick.

A good tip I remember hearing when it comes to knowing which lines should be thicker/thinner is imagine it as a 3D object and place a crawling spider :spider: on each of the planes. If you can still see the spider after it goes over a corner/edge then that line doesn’t need to be thick. If you can’t see the spider anymore then it needs to be thick e.g. if the spider went over the far edge/corner of the chest and went on to the back side, you wouldn’t be able see it anymore. Therefore that line needs to be thicker.

This makes sense in my head so hopefully it will with you to. I wish I could remember the video so I could link it.

Regardless, keep up with the drawing and eventually you will be doing it without even thinking. :smiley:

Thanks, I will keep that idea in mind. :slight_smile:

Wow! Love the chest. Woodwork is spot on.

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