Speedy Saucer

I’m having an issue with the Parallax exercise. When ever I place the Background as a child of the CanvasLayer my player shifts outside the maze.
I have tried to follow the tutorial exactly.
Sometimes I get lost when you are switching to different windows, because sometimes you work in the Level and at others you are working in the Player or Maze modes and I may have messed something up early in the project by being in the wrong window.


could i get a screenshot of whats happening and a screenshot of your scene tree layout please.

or, if you could save your project when you get that error/issue, then zip your project folder up and pop it somewhere online so i can download and have a look at it please, see if i can see whats going on.

also, what version of godot are you using, just so i can make sure im using the same if you do post your project zip file


SOLVED I went back into the player level, reset the position there and everything worked fine. So, as I suspected, it was making a change in the wrong window (or more correctly) not making the change in the correct window.
Thanks for the quick reply.

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Glad you got it working and your back on track :+1:

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