Speedy Saucer - How to add a Level 2 and onwards?

Hi folks, this has been a great lesson and I learned so much from it. I was curious how I would go about making a level 2? I assume that I have a collision bit at the finish line of level 1 that’ll take me to the next level, but would I be creating a new scene for level 2? Or a second maze scene? or both?

I feel I might be asking too much here, I hope not! :rofl:

Hi Tabascus,

You are correct in that having the collision at the end of level 1 will load the next level which you would need to create a new scene and have it loaded then.
We do show how to transistion between scenes in the upcoming sections so its worth carrying on with the course and coming back to this project to apply what you have learnt to it :slight_smile:

Great work on getting this far in how to do it :slight_smile:


Thanks Marc, I just recreated the whole game by myself and wanting to make a mini game based off of it, if that’s allowed of course! :slight_smile:

Of course! We actively encourage this :slight_smile:
The code and game you create is your property and you can add and adapt it to your liking and the more you do the more you learn :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy the project and the rest of the course

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Thank you, can’t wait to learn more. :slight_smile:

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