Specialize in 3D art or programming? Need advice on career path

Im currently at a dillema at which path to choose. Im a computer science graduate so i generally have some programming skills (C++, java). But during my degree years I picked up 3D model as a hobby and even got hired by a game dev team to make 3D models (they are hobbyist, so Im not paid). I even have a 3D portfolio. And my models have even been modded into games.

I have more experience and proficiency in 3D stuff but i dont have a degree in art (im 100% self-taught by youtube).
I have a degree in computer science but i dont have any portfolio or any solid experience in game dev programming.

I recently finished the unity 2d beginner course and programming design patterns for unity, so i have some basic C#. And that’s the only “experience” i have in programming for games.

I really want to get a game dev job, Im thinking about becoming a programmer because im more of the technical person than an art person. But my resume on programming is pretty …empty. My resume on 3D artist on the other hand…well…im already a 3d artist in a game dev team.

I need to quickly get a job now, and i cant make up my mind. I feel like programming is more in demand and is a safer option. Someone pls advice me.

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