Spawning enemies on two different paths on the same wave


Forgive me if there is an answer on this somewhere here. I’ve searched around with no luck.

I spent a few days trying different ideas for the same problem that seems really easy to me. In the lecture, we grab the transform of waypoint out of the pathPrefab GameObject. Then tell the enemy spawner where the transform is of the first waypoint in the path and to spawn an enemy there. What I want to do is tell the enemyspawner.cs that if there are two paths in the wave, find the first transform of the waypoiint in each pathPrefab GameObject and spawn an enemy there.

What I’ve tried:
I can’t seem to move past setting up a new list for what I call the pathConfig list because the GetWaypoints() is still looking for a GameObject that isn’t being used. I can’t convert the list to a GameObject. I thought about creating a new gameObject called pathPrefab but that defeats the purpose of the premade game objects that have the waypoints I want to use. At this point I’m stuck.

Any thoughts would be helpful?


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