Spaceship Shooter Project

Hello! I’ve finished this great course already and decided to show this Spaceship Shooter Project, that I’ve made previously. I used tunetank music at the beginning, but then realised that it cannot be used in games, it is supposed to use in youtube videos. So I filmed short game video and used music in it, rather than in the game.

Additional assets, used in the project:
Skybox: Snow Mountain | 3D Landscapes | Unity Asset Store
Rocks models: Rock package | 3D Exterior | Unity Asset Store, HQ Rock Pack Free | 3D Exterior | Unity Asset Store

Other assets are the same as in lessons: spaceships, terrain textures, standard unity assets for trees.


Congratulations on your game :partying_face:

Amazing. Kudos to putting in all the extra work on top of the course material. You’ve really created a unique and very coherent experience. The timing, sfx, audio, timeline and environment really come together great. I tip my :tophat: :clap:

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