Spaceship Drawing

Kept it rough, tried to be quicker and use the guides less.

Which I did. Its not the prettyest but not taking an entire night to get through 7mins of lecture video is very
beneficial on a personal level :grinning:


I see a lot of short strokes, as if you draw from the wrist.
While it’s better from the shoulder as instructed by Grant.

BUT! I really like this effect you achieved. Shading colors and then using this short sketch effect.
It’s a fresh art form.

Well done!


Thank you, FedPete.

I still find the drawing tablet a little hard to do big strokes, they go so wobbly. I think its a confidence thing too.

I’m happy that you like the effect though, as I kinda like it, more so now, after what you said.


You should try drawing with pencil and paper as well to practice the shoulder movement. It helps. Cuz when you go back to a digital tablet you’ll get a better feel for it. When I was a kid (30 years ago) I realized that I can draw using that same short stroke technique. When I wanted to start drawing something big like a3 size is when I started using my shoulder more and later in life I noticed I was getting better at it even though I didn’t draw as much until very recently but using a digital tablet it did not feel strange at all except the screen watching but u get used to it. But I have a tablet with screen now and it feels like pen to paper. Just keep on practicing.