Spacebar issue

I had an issue where it seemed the space bar didn’t trigger to print the string. Looks like sometimes when compiling and running the game it doesn’t always catch your inputs right away. So you may have to click on the game window THEN hit spacebar. In case anyone else is having this issue.


Yup that’s how it works, after coding and such, when you hit play you have to click on the game window to actually test the game unless you in maximized mode… This isn’t something specific to the issue you had but rather because you have to hit the game window to process inputs, thanks for sharing that!

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You are a time saving lifesaver. I was concerned for half the video I did something wrong. If I could give you more than a heart I would.

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Thanks, I put in W key instead of the space bar still didn’t work. Had to click in the third person after pressing play, should have known. Thanks again

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