Spaceballs And Blocks - My First Game Uploaded!

I am posting both the ShareMyGame link and an link.

  • ShareMyGame is so simplistic that it allowed me to keep the FullScreen button Unity Created
  • has an issue with determining screen size manually so looked funny if I did not manually remove the footer divs which contained the FullScreen button.

Itch io:

Here are some additional features I was able to add:

Tab = will pause the game and bring up sound control sliders for Master Volume, SoundFX, and Music
’=’ will allow you gain an extra ball (Cheat to help me test levels exposing to all other to do the same)
’Esc’ during play will advance you immediately to the next level.
’F12’ will clear your Highscore. (Though highscore seems to only work some of the time??? not sure why??? Bug Logged - fingers crossed the dev gets to it soon LOL)

Special Blocks:
Barf Block = Superball will break any block on contact limited time - time varies per block and level.
Yogurt Block = Applies Positive Point Modifier, Applies Increase Damage Multiplier, his swartz will either push or pull the block depending on level and circumstances.
DarkHelmet = On some levels he has a swartz power, his swartz applies a Reduced Point Modifier 0.5 and Pushes the ball.
LoneStarr and Princess Vesper = Extra Life
Pizza the Hutt = When he is hit 5 pieces of food break off of him, you will lose a life if you get hit by a piece.

The Music was provided by my Little Brother.

I learned a lot from this experience. Fixing the Build so that when in Full Screen mode it still looked nice on a 16:9 ratio was a challenge. I finally decided to fix it by creating background images that were 1920 x 1200 and position it so that the 4:3 play area was always where it was supposed to be. Then used images to create a dimmer effect on the edge so that it easy to tell where the bounce walls are but not so jarring a transition.

I decided to implement a damage system instead of a hit system. The blocks have Hitpoints and the Ball has damage potential. I came up with a script the dynamically calculated the index of the damage level sprite based on how many sprites were in the array and percentage of health taken. Example 9 damage sprite in array, so [Max Health = 100] / ([Sprites in Index = 9] + 1) = [ratio of index = 10]; Then I can take [Damage] / [ratio of index] cast it to an int since cast a float to int truncates the decimal portion I get the index of the damage sprite.

I did this to make it easier to implement variable damage level without the need to hardcode hits values it was based on how many sprites I created for the damage. It also made it easier to allow for damage multiplier effects.

I hit some real snags when I learned on several occasions not to destroy an object that had effects still running or child objects that I still needed when I did not want the parent object anymore.

Anyways I hope you all enjoy it and can give me some good feedback. I play tested levels but I have a feeling it may be a bit much on the difficulty curve.

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really impressive and fun.

Games hard as hell! I used a liberal amount of cheats testing it.

As for design, great. Everything fit. The music especially was good in that it fit with the frantic movement of the rock. The rock itself was hard to deal with since it used gravity but that made it fun.

I was afraid it might be hard as hell. I managed to get to level 7 once without any cheats but I played a lot during development. I did not have any play testers during development so that might of contributed to that issue. Thanks for your kind words I appreciate it. My little brother will be happy to hear about your comment on the music, he plays in a punk band and had just wanted me to listen to a new tune he was making and I was like β€œthis fits I’m stealing it bro and putting it in my game.” To which he laughed and sent me more.

Thank you for the comment @Jordan_Kinsley I appreciate it!

Nice! I love that you added gravity to the ball, it gave play a real meaty feel. Also even though the game is fast, it also makes it easier to actually follow the ball.

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@stalwarthaberdasher Thank you for the kind comment. I like the physics feel as well but I have gotten some good feedback from some people that hitting the real high blocks can be a bit of a pain. I do want to go back and fix some of the issues that Rob commented on. I am working on my Laser Defender game now, so I will go back and fix it after that.

Thank you for playing it 8)

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