Space Ship - Blender Animation

ALIEN LANDING - Space Ship - Blender Animation
Took my training wheels off for the first time since studying the Blender Complete Course and during the animated lamp section I was taught to use the Bezier curve/path to create shapes so I (naturally) turned the base of the lamp into a cool space ship.

I finalized the render in After Effects and added some of my own music that I made in there for added fun. I had a hard time rendering video and audio at same time in blender, even after switching from AVI to FFmpeg very few codecs seemed to function correctly?

If any of you guys have tips to make this better plz let me know, I am still learning so not sure how to use lights and camera as well as I hoped but 'hey", got this far.

@Michael_Bridges Thank you for great blender course


Love it! Alien disco! :smiley:

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Yeah they sure know how to throw down a good party in those different dimensions hahahaha

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