Space scene - shading grey to apply depth too difficult

I think this ‘depth shading’ challenge is too difficult for students who use a pencil and paper. Shading an A4 paper, being dark for the most part is never even in grey values. While digital you can choose from 0 … 1 between black and white. Impossible for pencil and paper.

This is not a big problem while creating simple objects, spheres, cubes, chests. But a whole scene like the space scene is a different magnitude.

80% of this illustration, must be in a tint of grey (A4 paper size) to create the illusion of depth.


This scene is really shaping up nicely. :wink:

looks really fun

Looks great!
Shading is always an issue, but there are exercises you can and should do to build up your technique plus it also helps to have a full set of pencils from the minimum of 4h to 8b.

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Yeah thanks. I had looked in my pencil box (from kids). And found a 2B and and H version. It helps. So I think I’m going to shop.

When i began drawing again, i bought a box of pencils from( 9B- to 9H), but the darkest one i used was 6B.
I really liked your drawing, specially the X-wing and DeathStar

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It is a learning journey, so I tried it using a pencil.


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