Space Pizza!

In the near future, where we start colonizing other worlds, what are you gonna do at the end of the hard working week of setting up another mining space station? You ARE GOING to order ROCKET PIZZA.

Yes. The ship WILL be shaped like a pizza slice with rocket propulsion. (That terrible marketing where pilot is also wearing a pizza outfit, and gives a lame marketing slogan on delivery…).

Fuel is not a matter, as you have a super-fusion reactor on board. What matter is that the pizza on board is getting COLD !! And who wants a cold pizza? You better hurry!

In case of shooting mechanics… Maybe lasers are standard on every rocket, just for clearing the asteroids along the way? Or maybe you use them on the people that order Hawaii pizza?
Anyway, im a COMPLETE amateur with design and artistic side of this… Anyone got idea how could i easly make a pizza rocket? Or where could i try to find one? Or maybe try to redecorate a standard cone-shaped rocket? Every advice welcome!


I love this concept!

Found this on OpenGameArt real quick. You could draw a rocket blaster on the back of that, maybe add a cockpit window and a couple lasers…?

Thanks a lot!
It a great and simple idea to create it from sprites!
But in this section i am working in 3D and im thinking of getting a 3D pizza rocket. And that seems to be a little bit harder. Ill keep looking, or i will just retexture a standard rocket in pizza texture. A pepperoni should fit nicely.
Thx again for help!

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