Space Destroyer v1.0

Finished by Space Destroyer game… Could use a few more bells and whistles but moving to next project for now…

Space Destoyer

Key Features:
Input from Keyboard or Gamepad
XY Axis ship movement
Player Health Bar
Animated Scoring System
Various Scaling effects
Custom Particle System Explosions
10 waves of enemies
2 different enemy formations
Enemy rotation in formation
Apply small shift in Starfield when changing ship direction
Ships Destroyed Counter


That is very nice. I really like how the waves have different animations in formation.

Great stuff!
I like the varied enemy formations, especially the ‘wagon wheel’ formation.
The animation on the score.
the booster effect when you fly forward.

the only thing that stood out was that I could shoot the enemy bullets. Not a deal breaker however because they had enough to go around.

again, nicely done!

Thanks for the feedback… Yes I allowed the player to shoot down the enemy projectiles, it was a design decision. :slight_smile:

Awesome, I love the overall design. All the extra features like health, different formations (very Galaxian), the way the score updates etc are all really cool. the game is a bit tough, but fun to play. i noticed that player and enemy laser can collide, not sure if that was something you wanted or not. And i like the way the starfield moves with the ship slightly.


Loved the game… really liked the use of the diferent formation animations etc… I need to work out how to do all that.

A++++ my friend,


Give us a clue how you animated the circular rotations please… I’ve tried but to no avail.

Nice! I liked the how you displayed the hit score.

Hey guys. Here is now I was able to get the formation rotating. I found the code under the unity forums somewhere if memory serves me correctly.

if ( == "EnemyFormation2")
	foreach (Transform childEnemy in transform)
		if (childEnemy != null)
			// Rotate Child Positions around Formation Center
			childEnemy.position = gameObject.transform.position + (childEnemy.position - transform.position).normalized * orbitDistance;
			childEnemy.RotateAround(gameObject.transform.position, Vector3.forward, orbitDegreesPerSec * Time.deltaTime);
			childEnemy.Rotate(Vector3.forward, -orbitDegreesPerSec * Time.deltaTime);

I also setup a formation controller just like is demonstrated in the videos but I placed the positions in a ‘circular’ orientation around the center of the Transform.

Finally I exposed some variables to control both the size and rotation speed.

Hope this helps


Ooh, that’s awesome, thanks Geoff.

I’m working on a countdown timer at the moment but will try the details above afterwards.

Many thanks buddy,


Thank You!
I was wondering how to make enemies move in rotation and such. Thanks for showing us!

Awesome Game.

I especially love the booster effect.