Space Ballz - Inspired by Extreme Tuning

After the Extreme Tuning lesson, I was inspired to introduce something different to the Gameplay.
This is my take on the Block Breaker course!

[ Play it here ]

A new “ghost ball” spawns every time you break a block.
They help you break blocks, but they also make it harder to keep track of your ball! You can lose them all as long as your original ball is still in play.

Might add an HP system later on, and some feedback/delay between levels once I figure out how :stuck_out_tongue:

Feedback welcome :]


I love the art! How did you come up with the art?

I started with a color scheme, and mostly wanted the balls to feel natural against the space background. So I went with an “energy-ball” kind of feel :stuck_out_tongue:

The blocks are the default ones from the course.

That’s a really good game concept!

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