Sourcetree prompts for a fresh install every time I open it

I’m starting my journey into Git to help me out with my job. So far everything has been pretty easy to follow. I know, it’s not surprising since we’re still only on the install phase haha. When I followed the instructions on installing Sourcetree and Git, everything worked fine. I was able to link Sourctree to my GitHub account and made sure that account was the default.

Then the weirdness started. I closed all my programs and shut my computer down for the night. The next day when I tried to get back into things, I opened Source Tree and it prompted for a full install again. I went through the whole process again and re-linked my account. After that, just to test, I closed Source Tree. A few seconds later I go to re-open the program and, once again, it is prompting for a fresh install.

I’m using Windows 10 and there is no other items to click in the start menu folder for Atlassian. There is no dedicated Source Tree folder, and only the Atlassian folder shows when I do a search for Source Tree in the start menu.

Am I missing the normal launch program? Why would it constantly be treating things like the program isn’t installed? Any help would be really appreciated.

Are you sure you are opening SourceTree and not just running the installation again?

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