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Nevermind, I think I fixed it
So when I try to commit any new changes in my project (I haven’t been able to commit any so far), sourcetree has a hissy fit and hits me with this:

I think the files I am trying to commit may be too large. I set up a gitIgnore in the last project, but haven’t set one up for this one, do I need to do it again every time I create a new project or does it carry over?
I think this because I thought it was meant to stop the library folders from coming back, but they are there:

Any ideas?

Every Git repo has its own .gitignore file, so you’ll need to have one for every project you have in Git.
Grab this, it is the most recent Unity gitignore file.

Hi Rayzy,

In addition to what @Michael_Marinis_GR wrote about the .gitignore file, do not make a commit with files and/or folders you want to exclude. Otherwise, it will be a bit difficult to exclude them again. When creating a new repository, the first step should be to create and commit the .gitignore file for that repo.

Oh, we may have a slight problem then…

I have done a commit and I think it might have had some of the library files in it. I have added a gitignore and am waiting to see just what I’ve messed up before I risk another commit.
How do I fix whatever I broke when I did my commit without a gitignore?

If you haven’t done anything relevant with your repo yet, the easiest way to fix this is to delete the .git folder (= the repo) and create a new repo.

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