Sourcetree - how to remove red branches?

My screenshot is as attached. Stashing does not work.


By removing, do you mean deleting? If so, click the right mouse button on the branch in the list on the left side in Sourcetree.

Nina, It’s not as easy as that. I copied the entire project - Project A, renamed it as Project B. I used Project B, posted the information to you as a github link, then renamed it back as Project A. Let me show you the complete picture. The red branches was actually posted to a different link in github. So now it’s disconnected. See this screenshot. Can the red branches be removed? If yes, how?

Look for the respective branch in the BRANCHES list and click the right mouse button on the respective item, then on “Delete Branch”.

I did not update you this earlier. The delete branch on the left did NOT work. I still got some silly error. I so far found that i have to delete remote, then delete local. The screenshot I showed you is quite serious. Read and see if you understand my description. All the branches on the left i.e. 1 to 12 are branches I want. The red one that is disconnected due to the copying and renaming is NOT in the left side. So can i remove them without damaging the configuration in sourcetree?

It might be worth trying our git for game course as well to give you a bit more insight.
What i think is happening here is because you used a different git link to push those other branches its not liking just removing it locally and so you have to remove it from the local and the remote.
Looking at your structure you should be okay to remove the red ones by deleting the local and remote as you had before.

Ordinarily i would expect the delete branch that Nina suggested to work but it may be as you used a different URL it doesnt want to remove it.

The reason i suggest this course is because it really does cover this and run a nice supplement to all our other courses.

One thing to mention though a description of the error you received when trying to delete the branch as suggested would be helpful to mention in the future.

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I think I found the remote repositories and I managed to delete the records. I found it at a lower section. I think this case can be considered solved.

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Glad you got this resolved and you can move forward.

Please do try to give all information you can when there is an issue.
I’m more the blender side of things here at so when i was learning coding the number of times i forgot to add a script or a component to an object and had to get help was not funny!

Sometimes it helps to bullet point or list and also add a time index to the video where the issue occurred for you.

Sometimes its a unity update, sometimes its our own error but the more information we can get the better we can help you :slight_smile:

I do suggest though taking our Git for Games course (Something i also need to do so maybe i will see you in the Q&A there as a student :slight_smile: )

Thanks for posting your question and taking the time to let us know its likely solved.

thanks to both of you. Earlier on, i actually browsed through the git folder and saw that all the details sourcetree created are actually text files. If I could not resolve this, i would have considered manually removing the entries of the sourcetree and risk damage. Now it’s over.

I will consider the paid courses at a later time. I already have lots of tutorials in this website to understand.

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Always a pleasure :slight_smile:
Indeed there is a lot to do here and a lot to learn :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing what you go on to create

Keep an eye on the branch names in the graph window (the connected lines of commits).

You’ll see that the branch labels prefixed by your chosen “remote” name (typically and commonly “origin” unless you have multiple remotes) is in front of them.

So for branches on your remote that you are tracking - let’s say “master5” - you’ll have both a local branch called only “master5” and a remote one called “origin/master5”.

When the branches locally and remote are up to date, you’ll see them both side by side on the same commit in the graph.

When a branch is missing (not tracked, deleted, etc.) or just at a different level, you’ll see the branch label is by itself in the graph, as your red ones were. They are also all origin/XYZ named, so from that you would (now) know to expect these are remote branches, and in which section to look for them.

I do strongly suggest you look into a course or best practices on using git though, as nobody would setup all these branches the way you are doing (and I believe I’ve mentioned this before). There are other, better, ways to be doing whatever it is you feel having a separate branch per commit is providing you.

Edit: And heck, I see that this thread got bumped or something and was actually from over 2 weeks ago now. I thought it was newer, sorry.

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