SourceTree hates me

I suspected this when it completely trashed my BuildingEscape project, but this is another story. I followed the steps that Ben did in the lecture, but with very different results. First of all, all the files that were created by Unreal were present in the repository, so no additional commit was needed. I did the LFS setup and SourceTree was grumpy but complied (as I thought at the time). When I pushed the repository to GitHub , after a great deal of time, it said it was done (and it appears to be done) but had a suggestion that I should use LFS as there were many large files. I checked on GitHub and none of the large files were stored with LFS.

Now SourceTree goes into an infinite loop every time it spots the repository and is hence unusable.
Any help?

Not entirely sure as I’m not well versed in git/git LFS so maybe @sampattuzzi or @Marc_Carlyon can help

Tbh it sounds like something went kaka (Quantum leap reference for badly wrong) during the upload stage.
Now if your project still works locally ie compiles and plays with no issues first make sure sourcetree is not running.
Right now that i know your not going to accidently delete the local files :slight_smile: basically you need to delete the online repo by going to bitbucket or github whichever you use and delete the cloud repo only.

  1. Create a new repo on github
  2. Check sourcetree works. Under no circumstances pull from the new Repo anywhere if it asks after this point
  3. Connect the local repo to the new repo location and try a full push.
  4. If you have to use git push -f origin master in the console of source tree whilst on the local repo after you have changed to the new repo filepath.
    You may need to go though the LFS lecture again to get it set up properly but this should sort out the sourcetree.

The alternative is uninstalling sourcetree and reinstalling but my instinct is telling me its a syncing problem between local and cloud repo where it part uploaded something.

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Thank you Mr Jelly. I think I’ve had enough for today. I’m on my 4th project (and 4th local repository) and my 2nd remote repository. It seems that the problems begin to appear when I add extensions to LFS tracking. After that SourceTree seems to be messed up (in various ways - sometimes it gives an incomprehensible error message about not being able to move one temp file to another temp file). If I push to the remote, I get exactly the same results as the first time - everything is there, but no LFS.

P.S. I did re-install SourceTree and that resulted in an upgrade of the LFS system, but no change in behaviour.

I think at this point it may be Sams intervention we need but if its any consolation i had issues with this myself as well.
Sourcetree hates everyone but we love it when it saves our bacon. I believe gitkraken is an alternative to sourcetree if it is the software cuasing you pain and not the repo or the set up.
How to set that up though i cant help you.

There’s quite a few GUI clients

Or just do everything via command line.

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Ok, I redid everything using GitHub’s GUI client (called GitHub) and redid everything. It seems to be working now, or at least no errors/warnings, but I cannot verify if LFS is working. I’m now on my 10th local and 6th remote repository.

Enough for today…

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I wonder if your issues were all caused by sourcetree itself and a problem with the version.
Sourcetree used to tell you if it was uploading to LFS so i imagine github’s would do the same in a sense.

If you open git shell by right clicking the repo

and then doing git lfs ls-files you should be able to see the files tracked by git lfs.

DanM, I did your test and according to the results no files are being tracked for LFS. This means I’m back to square 0 if I cannot figure out a way to fix it.

I guess you could just track them manually in the shell

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Thanks again Dan, your last hint eventually led me to locating the problem(s). There were actually 3 problems, each of which was sufficient to prevent things from working. I eventually located this link YouTube video that (despite many errors) contains a wealth of information.
The problems were:

  1. I had not actually installed Git LFS into GetHub, so it was ignoring all LFS stuff.
  2. GitHub doesn’t know about the *.VC.db file and doesn’t add it to the .gitignore; and this is too large to work.
  3. UnrealEditor doesn’t know about LFS, so if you let it create the git repository it puts all of the large files into the repository before LFS can be initalized. The repository MUST be created before UnrealEditor sees it.

When all of these are fixed, my 12th local repository and my 8th remote repository are actually working and doing proper storage of large files!


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