Source tree shortcut for desktop. How to get it on desktop?

I have installed the Sourcetree as shown in the tutorial. It went well and is still working. I am just wondering that how to reopen the sourcetree application after closing it since it is not visilble anywhere in my search except the .exe. I opened it through .exe file today. Is it the same way everyone is doing or have the desktop shortcut for it. If yes, Can anybody share the way to get it on desktop ?

Thank you very much


Does one of the following instructions help?

Appreciate this effort. Its not actually. The problem is that I am not able to find the app itself anywhere in my system. I have to actually click the setup file which in turn takes me to the application. It works once its opened but I think there should be a normal way of using the application.

That’s indeed strange. Does the app open when you double click on the setup.exe or do you have to reinstall SourceTree?

Look for Atlassian in your Windows Explorer.

No it opens when I double click the .exe. This is the shortcut that is visible on screen. I am using this to open the sourcetree. But as I said, no functional issue. And I am not being able to find the installed version. Also, when I try to update the version, it downloads but doesn’t update it.



Maybe it is a bug. Please message the Atlassian support and let them know about your problem.

I would check your antivirus is not being over aggressive and quarantining the file as well.
The other thing to check is if you press your windows key and type sourcetree if it is installed correctly then it will appear as an app there and not the setup file.

If its not there then i suggest trying to change the default install directory and add the exception to the antivirus if it is quarantining it.

McCaffery antivirus that they generally give away free is great for doing stuff like this.

If it comes up in the search there then you can right click and open file location and then you can do the right click and send to desktop as a shortcut.

It appears that its on the system though and i suspect the “Add a shortcut to the desktop” check box was simply unchecked during the install

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