Sound problem

When I pick up coins, I have a sound in the right or in the left earpiece, then quietly then loudly. Although I did everything as in the Camera.main.transform.position video. I may have misconfigured the camera. (Used a translator)`
[SerializeField] AudioClip SFXCoin;
AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(SFXCoin, Camera.main.transform.position, 0.5f);

Hi fan_ass,

Which version of Unity do you use?

I’m wondering if the problem is caused by the state driven cameras which have a huge offset from the Main Camera. See their position. For testing purposes, set their position to (0, 0, 0) to see/hear if the sound then comes from the expected direction.

Also log Camera.main.transform.position into your console to see if you are getting the expected position and not something else.