Sorting the Scripts

If we move the weapon-related scripts into their own folder, wouldn’t the IWeapon interface belong into it as well?

as for the MouseFollow, I’d rather see that one in Misc since it would be applicable for all other kinds of objects one might want to be pointing towards the mouse cursor. For example throwing a rope, a ball, or a fishing rod…

I’m a bit on the fence about the WeaponInfo. On one hand it seems to belong with the weapons, OTOH it would fit with the Inventory as it’s more of a descriptive thing that in some similar way will be applicable (as a pattern) for other items yet to come that would go into the inventory. Maybe at a much later time (or larger scope of the game) the SO template classes would go into a scripts folder of their own…


I have to admit i have organised my scripts a little differently and also usually before Stephen does.
Its down to preference really and what makes sense to you in to where to have them live.


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