Sorry, I have trouble with BullCow IsIsogram, Help me please

You have defined in the .h:
void IsIsogram(FString); <- That doesn’t return anything because you have void , so if you try to use it like it would return a bool, or if you put a return inside it, it will not work. Try bool IsIsogram(FString);.

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Thank you, it resolved editor errors, but I got an error during compilation. Sorry, I haven’t some fonts and it’s imposiible to see a description. Line 101.
I tried I=0,
tried for (int32=0;I<Word.Len();I++)
I don’t understand, everything seems ok


You have the ) in the wrong place: PrintLine(TEXT("Give me %c"), Word[I]);


Oh… Beginner’s mistake. Shame on me :flushed:

Don’t worry! I have made the same error time and time again. That’s why I saw it. :sweat_smile:

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