Somewhat balanced gradients

I drew a lollipop and reworked three of my previous sprites for this assignment. I’m still trying to find a working balance as I may overuse tools. Are my colors on the flower and such workable or muddied?


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Whoa this is incredible!

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Thanks! I really enjoy the gradient and pattern tools in GIMP and they definitely help me add variation and depth. For the narrow green and orange stripes on the upper and lower edges of the lollipop I took a basic spiral with even proportions, cut out an oval shape, then compressed it vertically until it was a rough circle. I’m happy with the effect.

The reworking of the flower with some basic gradients is something went fairly well, but I want to revisit the bends and shades of the petals and stem with proper reference. Definitely a bunch of small bits around the edges that wouldn’t make sense in 3D :wink: