Something wrong when I import the fbx model to unreal 4

I import the model to unreal engine when emulate the game it can see over inside the bowling

That is what I have seen in the unreal

That is what I have done in the blender

Hi Ho_Yin_Man,

What you are seeing here is so called back face culling. Wikipedia article on Back Face Culling

This means that if you don’t have back facing faces they won’t be rendered (this depends on the shader used). Blender on the default uses a shader where backface culling is off where as most of the game engines (or lets put it this way, the default shaders in the game engines) use backface culling on.

It’s useful for a 3d software to be able to show the backfaces where as game engines try to optimize the amount of polygons (and drawcalls etc) they render each frame, so that’s why it’s on.

If you want to create a “solid” mesh where you can go inside your model you need to create backfaces so they get rendered. (you can go into lengths about customizing the shader as well, but it’s not an easy path). Easiest you can achieve this by using solidify modifier in blender which crates solidity in your model (along with the needed backfacing geometry). Do remember to check that your backfaces normals are pointing inside the model (as opposed to front faces that need to point outside the model).

In the end, this pin probably do not need to have backfaces since you probably don’t ever need to go inside the pin but maybe this is more relevant for other models.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Jax

Your pin is colored dark grey. This is a warning sign that your normals are inside out.

Select your pin, go to EDIT mode.
Select all verices / edges / faces with the hot key ‘a’.
Then press CTRL+n .

Try rendering it again.
An other issue could be that your begin and end vertices of your spline, are not in the X,Y 0,0 location.

What I have solved the issue is that I use recalculate the normal inside and the problem is solved. Thanks all.

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