Something i did with the principles course

i made this from the grease pencil part. then added anticipation and exaggeration .
thought it seemed apealing as well what you guys think .

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I Like you animation. It contains a little story.
I understand the creativity of a lamp, following the ball.
But I adding a bit more environmental light, would increase the presentation.

It’s a lot work, for sure. Well done, good job!

thanks man . yeah i used a damp track . ill mess with the whole bone way of doing it too.
heres some walks .
im trying to get my mind around annotating actual reference . if anyone has some tips for me throw em .

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I use this, sometimes, seach Google for “walk reference grid”

If you render one full walk cycle as bitmaps, You can add this image sequence in the blender video editor. Then duplicate sequence for more walk cycles.

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