Something about the website

Some time ago, the new color theme rolled out and while I did prefer the older color, that’s just my opinion and it is what it is. No big deal.

Today I noticed something so I started digging around. When I scrolled the window, the bar changed color. For whatever reason, this never caught my attention until today.

That led me to this < div > with a class name of gdtv_header…

Which led me to this class in the < body > called “archetype-regular…” with a ::before

This < div > with the class “contents clearfix” seems to be the affected parts…

…and digging deeper we find a header_background style with a value of 24a729…

…which is this color here:

Anyway, I’ve spent more time on this than I should have. It’s not even an issue.

Nothing is broken. The website works fine.

It’s an inconsistency, but it might not even be important enough to address. There are literally dozens of places throughout the website with similar issues. It would probably take someone a few hours to find and correct them all.

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