Some thoughts about my source material

After seeing the tips Michael gave up, my own feedback on my source material;

  • Flower casts a shadow. I think I can avoid this, by choosing a good landing spot. But the shadow isn’t that complex I can build some mesh for it. But next project I think :wink:
  • There are two leaves in front of the butterfly object. Can be tricky, because it shows also the focus of the camera.
  • That leaves me to a next problem, sensor details of my mobile phone camera is missing. I found something like Sony IMX214 (1.12 µm, 1/3.06"). Not sure what this means.

I think when I place a butterfly on the top of my fingers, it can work. Tweaking focus… Well some render test will show if it will work.

I got also info on ISO-50. Michael didn’t bring this up, but in the old days this was important. Set up camera shutter, etc.

I saw some footage of professionals, using a metal sphere in the scene as reference of light points and directions. Next project … :wink:

Happy rendering!

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