Some RPG Courses for Unreal would be cool to see

I have had a major interest in learning to make RPG’s but I noticed that the only RPG course GameDevTV offers is for Unity.
I myself am still pretty skepticle to use Unity after the whole install debacle and would very much like to see some RPG options that are more than Just shooters.

It’s very hard to find decent tutorials with people that actually explain what we are doing and why with each step which is why I have stuck with GameDevTV as most of my experiences with the courses have actually helped me learn instead of just duplicate.


+1 that would be insta buy for me as well :slight_smile:

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This is actually an incredibly common request. The RPG courses for unity were developed over a number of years, possibly 3 or more so it is a massive commitment to develop this for Unreal. The issue then lies with the fact that if, following t he Unity course model, you record smaller courses covering different areas then by the time you reach the last bit, the first bit is massively out of date and needs a remaster. This in fact happened with at least one of the Unity RPG courses.

I hope this makes sense. It’s a long-term commitment for someone to just make the courses, let alone support and maintain them.

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