Some more details


I upgraded the Level Of Detail to some of my pieces. I still need to wrap my head around what to do with door/window parts :thinking:

What has changed: Textures ! On the wood beams/roof surrounding + a gutter appeared :slight_smile:
Hmmmm :thinking: No light on the first floor, do they sleep ?

Let’s see a bit of the ground floor:

What has changed ? Again textures ! And some details on beams and barrels :wink: I also changed the lighting a little.

P.S. Textures on the floor and barrels/counter are the same, just different hue/saturation. As for the counter top and table/chairs. I am lazy searching for new textures :upside_down_face:

I am happy with those renders, but I still have room to improve my scene, though.

I hope you are progressing well, cheers !


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