Some low poly fan art I did recently


Hey Stephen,

I will have to say it is amazing and much appreciated. I personally love low poly artwork and scenes. So keep bringing them in to the showcase!

Now I feel like playing a Mario game and making something Mario related. (Too bad Unreal is currently battling me with blueprints on something I’m trying to do.)

Thanks for sharing~

PS: Don’t fall off the island…

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Thanks so much James_Ran!
I’m new to 3d modeling so any feedback is great for my motivation :slight_smile:

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Just finished section 1 today so I’m new here. :stuck_out_tongue: I hope I bust out work like this in the near future! Great job!

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Hey @Zosorand, have you uploaded this to I bet people would like to pan around this in 3D :smiley: If you tag it as “Blender” you could get picked up in their weekly they hold over there, cuz this really is a great looking model!

One hint I’d like to impart, is that I’ve found that clouds look better once you decimate that icosphere :smiley: It really gives it a lot more of a puffy cloud personality.

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+1 for SketchFab - it’s a lot of fun to be able play with people’s work in this way.

Really nice work by the way - there’s a lot of happy memories in that model! :slight_smile:

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