Some kind of wild cat



wow! This is a wonderful pic of a cat hunting - or on the prowl, I’m a beginner and I’m finding sculpting very hard, you have made a great face for your cat. This one is mine - i’m having trouble with the fine details of the face -

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Very nice sculpted cat. Good pose too going forward with a purpose.

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That is a well sculpted cat- reference photo cat or simply one at home?

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Great sculpt, also Welcome!

Thank you!

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It’s one well sculpted cat. I mean, look at the ear detail! Fantastic :heart:
Now I don’t know your end goal, but I think you could do a couple things to give the scene more dynamic and believability. I think at any given moment same side (both left or both right) legs do not move in parallel when it’s walking.
It’s hard to tell from this angle, but the cat might benefit if you stretch or squish its side a little when same side legs are close or apart.
I see so much great potential in these renders, please do share your progress!

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