Some fun suggestions for the healthbar

If you want all the healthbars to look exactly alike instead of sort of in a curve around the camera you can do it like this.

void LateUpdate()


        transform.forward = _invert? _cameraTransform.forward * -1 : _cameraTransform.forward;



Matching the camera forward vector gives you a uniform look on all the healthbars.

Also if you want the healthbar to change color it’s really easy to do. Just add this code at the top

[SerializeField] Gradient _healthBarGradient;

Then add this line when you update the fill amount.

void UpdateHealthBarFill()


    _healthBar.fillAmount = _healthsystem.GetHealthPercentage();

    _healthBar.color = _healthBarGradient.Evaluate(_healthBar.fillAmount);


and then make a gradient that you like.



its possible apply the gradient color on a circular health bar or sircular slider ?, im struck to apply and i dont know how to do it

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