Some feedback on this lecture

I am a complete beginner and have watched almost all of the lectures in this course at this point and wanted to give some feedback. The other lecture’s had a good pace, and gave some background information as you were following along with tasks.

However, when I got to the part of this lecture where we were editing the rgb landscape, it was very quick to walk you thru steps that seem complex to me. There also did not have much of an explanation of what we were doing or why. I found myself getting very frustrated and yelling at the computer because I did not know what any of icons were or what purpose they served. I also had to rewatch parts of this lecture several times to try and make it more clear on what to do. I was so frustrated I was tempted to just stop and not continue, I am glad that I did ultimately continue because the lectures I have gotten thru so far have been more explanatory and better paced.

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