Some difficulties

What’s the logic behind laying down the form in primary color first? I feel like I get a better grasp of what I’m doing with outlining, even if it’s with the color. Any tips for laying forms down? Should you just use references? How do you know where the shading and highlights go? I get that lighting is key, but I don’t feel like I have a good concept of how light interacts with more complex objects than like a cube. Side note, I don’t really get the reasoning for him copying a sprite instead of making one from scratch in a tutorial series. Like we’re not copying the sprite like that, it would help put us in the same position and see what he does instead of him just tracing like with this. I feel it probably hurts his ability to explain what to do too because he’s not doing it, just copying.

A lot of it is going to be practice, practice, practice. The idea of getting the form in the primary color first has something to do with how folks paint figures (think Warhammer (40K), D&D figures, etc).

You want to use the primary color first as that’s typically the easiest to put on at the start, then you can add secondary colors, shadows, highlights, etc on top of it all. Knowing where to place all of that in your pixel-art is going to come down to a combination of personal preference and practice. So don’t feel too frustrated if things don’t look right at first.

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