Some colorful beads in a jar (ignore the background typos)


I love the realism of the glass :slightly_smiling_face:


:sweat_smile: its easy to make if u have watched the bowling pin section in the beginrs blender course from in udemy…usin the extrude and spin property

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A nice example of things learned.
Put more effort into composition.

“Why is the jar on the left side? Attention goes to the back image too.”

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Is there some internal face in the jar? Front right seems to have a perfect straight flat ‘crack’ in it.

Still a fine job you did there.

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When I saw that, my impression was that half the jar was created and then mirrored, so the “seam” is what’s being seen. An object that’s “thick”, especially a jar where the contents aren’t up against the outside polys, is going to have thick seams, so they tend to show up dramatically.

It’s possible that rotating the jar around a bit would’ve taken that seam, and the corresponding seam on the other side, out of view, or at least not so obviously.

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yep… :sweat_smile:…while i was using the spin property it probably overlapped

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i also agree…

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