Some animations work in Unity, some don't

I’m working on the Blender character creation for game dev tutorials. In the forums for that course, I’ve seen others have some issues that are similar to mine, and it seems that most people are directed to ask their questions here in the Unity section, so I’ll give it a try.

I’ve exported my file as an fbx using blender, and am using the currently newest stable build of Unity. I have 4 animations. Death, Hit, Walk, and Idle. All animations work absolutely fine if I double click the .fbx to open it in the 3d viewer. In Unity, when I preview the animations, the Death and Idle animations appear to be accurate, if a bit slowed down. The Hit animation seems to be missing keyframes as well as having messed up timing, causing it to just… look awkward. Kind of like my ogre is drunk and stumbling, rather than taking a nice big uppercut style pound to someone. The walk… He just kinda jiggles in place.

I’ve tried doing some google searching, and trying various solutions posted around the internet, from changing animation to legacy, changing export settings, unticking various boxes. Nothing seems to correct the problem. I suppose the part I find oddest is that half of the animations seem to be more or less okay, and half of them have become completely useless.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on, or how to correct it?

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It sounds like you’re having some issues with your animations not working correctly in Unity. Here are a few things you can try:

Check your animation import settings in Unity: When you import your FBX file into Unity, there are a number of settings that affect how the animations are imported. Make sure that you have the correct settings selected for your animation. You can access these settings by selecting your FBX file in the Project window, and then looking at the Import Settings in the Inspector window.

Double check your animation keyframes in Blender: Make sure that your keyframes are set up correctly in Blender before you export your file. Double check that your animations are working correctly in Blender before exporting them to Unity.

Try re-importing your FBX file: Sometimes, the import process can go wrong. Try re-importing your FBX file into Unity to see if that resolves the issue.

Check your animation curves: In the Animation window in Unity, you can see the curves that control the animation. Make sure that these curves are smooth and continuous, and that there are no sudden jumps or spikes in the curve.

Try re-exporting your FBX file: If none of the above solutions work, try re-exporting your FBX file from Blender. Make sure that you have the correct export settings selected.

Consider using a different animation format: If all else fails, you may want to consider using a different animation format, such as .obj or .dae. These formats may work better with Unity.

I hope that one of these can help you out!

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I will probably have to have my hubby go through these with me. I’m MUCH more interested in the creation and blender side of things, but do really want to make things workable in Unity, so was hoping that the end of the character creation tutorial would help with that, but it seems like it may be very much out of date (the version of unity in the tutorial isn’t even one I can pick to install from the Unity hub). I have zero knowledge in regards to a lot of this stuff outside the tutorials and attempting to google.

Checking the settings in Unity: I’m not sure what they SHOULD be. I feel it’s not really gone over in the tutorial. I set everything as it should be according to the tutorials I’m following. I’ve tried some google searches which have suggested things such as turning off Anim. Compression, and changing the Animation Type, but with no correction occuring.

In blender: We used the Mixamo animations, and I’ve done all the importing and exporting according to the tutorials. All animations are working just fine in both Blender, AND in the .fbx when opened in Windows 3D model viewer. It’s only in Unity that they don’t seem to work.

I’ve tried re-importing and re-exporting. No correction occured.

Animation Curves. Trying to get to that part in the tutorial, but again, with such a HUGE version discrepancy… not all of the UI elements are lining up or working the same, and I’m not sure how to correct that. It’s making it difficult to even set up the animator (for example, mine didn’t auto add, and is set to “none” for the avatar, where I see his is set to the ogre, but I can’t seem to select anything to change mine to).

A different format I’d be up for trying, but again, with no knowledge or familiarity with Unity, I’m not sure where to begin, what settings to use with other export types, or how to properly import/export (example, I tried .obj, just to try it, and ended up with 30+ something obj files that I had no idea what to do with).

I’m going to try messing around with it, or seeing if my hubby can help (he’s the one interested in the Unity side, but even he is still learning), but honestly, unless it’s something explicitly mentioned in the character blender tutorial under the importing to unity lessons, I have absolutely no idea what anything is. I’ve been absolutely loving the tutorials up until this point, but this is kind of frustrating me, to be honest.

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I understand your frustration, here’s a couple extra things that could help:

Check the animation import scale: Sometimes, the scale of your imported animation can cause issues. Make sure that the scale of your imported animations matches the scale of your character in Unity.

Check the animation clips in the Animation window: In the Animation window in Unity, you can see the animation clips that have been imported. Make sure that all of your animation clips are there, and that they are named correctly.

Check the animation event frames: If your animations have events (such as sound effects or particle effects), make sure that the event frames are set up correctly in the Animation window.

I’m really sorry that stuff isn’t working out for you and I hope it gets solved.

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no worries at all! I’ll do my best to check those things out, and worst case, I’ll see if my hubby can help me figure things out. I’m hoping that it’ll be something that I’m simply overlooking with not being familiar with Unity. I think some of his tutorials (he has the Unity ones on Udemy, I went Blender through Gamedev) use a more recent version of Unity as well, so maybe that will help.

Thank you SO much for trying to help! I will definitely have him look at your tips and see if he can help me work through them.

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Sounds great, hope everything turns out ok!

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